MikoPBX Manual


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MikoPBX is a telephony server with an operating system and a convenient web interface. It works with almost any phone technology in the world. MikoPBX is based on Asterisk and has very low PC hardware requirements.

Don't know where to start? Follow these instructions to help you get MikoPBX up and running as quickly as possible.

Structure of this manual

Chapter 1. Installation

This chapter provides step-by-step instructions for installing MikoPBX on various platforms.

Chapter 2. Introduction to MikoPBX

First steps with MikoPBX. How to find out the IP address of your system, log in to the web interface and perform basic settings. read more...

Chapter 3. Configuring licensing in MikoPBX

After installing MikoPBX, it is necessary to configure the software license MIKO Sas License, without it it is impossible to work with additional modules. read more...

Chapter 4. Telephony

In the Telephony section, you can set up a list of employees, set up an internal number for each employee, configure call routing and analyze call history.

Chapter 5. Call Routing

MikoPBX manages phone accounts, service providers. You will learn how to set up accounts in this chapter.

Chapter 6. Modules

Chapter 7. Maintenance

Chapter 8. Network and Firewall

Chapter 9. System


The section presents the solution of telephony problems that telephone exchange administrators most often face. By clicking on the links below, you can get acquainted with practical examples and find answers to frequently asked questions about MikoPBX.

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