VMware Fusion

Creating a virtual machine

  1. Creating a new virtual machine.

  1. After downloading the latest version of the image (link), specify the ISO file with the installation distribution.

Click "Continue"

  1. Select the type of operating system Other Linux 5.x and later kernel 64-bit

Click "Continue"

  1. Choosing the Legacy bios type

Click "Continue"

  1. Click "Finish"

Connecting a new disk

  1. After creating a virtual machine, wait for it to load

  1. Go to the section "[3] Reboot the system"

  1. Choose "[2] Shutdown"

  1. After shutting down the virtual machine, go to Settings

  1. Select "Add device"

  1. Select "New Hard Disk"

Click "Add..."

  1. Choose the size of the hard drive (we recommend at least 50 GB)

Click "Apply"

1 hour of recording conversations takes approximately 14mb on disk.

Installing MikoPBX

  1. Start the virtual machine

  1. Select "[8] Install"

  1. Enter the name of the disk on which MikoPBX will be installed

In our case - sdb, enter its name and press Enter

  1. Confirm the disk selection: enter y

  1. Select a disk for recording conversations

In our case - sdc, enter its name and press Enter

  1. The system will reboot and MikoPBX will be ready for use.

First connection to MikoPBX

  1. The PBX displays the IP address of the station by which you can connect to it

  1. Enter the IP address of the station in the browser bar and the MIkoPBX login menu will open

The default username and password is "admin"

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